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Places I Hike

These are places I hike on an ongoing basis now. I visit some of these every week, some about every other month, most of them at least every other year or so. I've listed them pretty much in decreasing order of frequency of my visits. Click on the name for a more detailed description of the place. These descriptions are all from my experience, so if they differ from something you've read in another source, you can chalk it up to opinion. (If there's no link, it means I haven't gotten around to writing a more detailed description.)

Each description has the same general structure. There's general information about where the place is, the kinds of terrain and ecosystems there, and how hard or easy the hiking is. Then there's a list of interesting plants and wildlife to be seen there. Finally, there is a collection of stories about the place, either from my own experience or from sources I've read or heard.

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  • Lengths are round-trip distance. Some hikes are loops, and on others you reverse direction and return the way you started. In any case, lengths given here are for getting to the main destination and returning to your starting point.
  • Difficulties are my own personal assessment, mainly based on steepness and ruggedness. "Multiply" that by distance. For example, Elephant Head and Arethusa Falls are both "moderate," but Elephant Head is so much shorter that I consider it a great hike for young children, but I require a child to demonstrate hiking ability before I'll bring them to Arethusa Falls.
  • See the individual trail descriptions (click the link, if there is one) for more clarifying details.
  • Any trail listed below that does not have a link is one for which I have not written a description yet. More descriptions are coming every month.
  • "Above timberline" means you are taller than the trees. "Above treeline" means there are essentially no trees. If not mentioned, the entire hike is below timberline.
Trail Length Difficulty Location Features Notes
Mine Falls Park (Varies, all short) Easy Nashua, NH Ease, Variety It's all about accessibility.
Arethusa Falls/Bemis Brook 3 mi. Moderate Northern NH Waterfalls Worth the effort.
Elephant Head 2/3 mi. Moderate Northern NH Views Excellent hike for young school-age children.
Mount Willard 3 mi. Fairly easy Northern NH Views "Best view for the easiest walk in the White Mountains." Not above timberline.
Saco Lake 1 mi. Easy Northern NH Ease, Variety Great for toddlers, adults with poor stamina.
Ripley Falls 1.2 mi. Moderate Northern NH Waterfall Challenging hike for young school-age children.
Greeley Park (Varies, all short) Easy Nashua, NH Ease Huge stand of ladies slipper orchids.
Beaver Brook (Varies, short to medium) Easy Southern NH Ease, Variety Volunteer guides, self-guiding pamphlets available. Rich variety of plants and birds.
Mount Jackson 8 mi. Challenging Northern NH Views, Variety All-day hike, reaches above treeline.
Frankenstein Cliff 5 mi. Challenging Northern NH Views, Variety Loop includes Arethusa Falls.
(Willey) Pond Loop Trail 1/2 mi. Easy Northern NH Ease, Variety Great for toddlers, adults with poor mobility.
Pack Monadnock 3 mi. Moderate Southern NH Views, Variety Accessible to Boston, Manchester, Nashua. Not above timberline.
Silver Lake State Park (Varies, all short) Easy Hollis, NH Ease Highly accessible to Nashua.
Mount Monadnock (Varies, long and short) Moderate Southwest NH Views, Variety Many trails, many possible routes. Above treeline.
The Basin 1/2 mi. Easy Northern NH Geologic Formation Interesting geological formation, handicapped accessible.
Greenfield State Park (Varies, all short) Easy Southern NH Lake Swimming, fishing, camping, not much hiking.
Little Haystack 6.5 mi. Moderate Northern NH Views, Waterfalls Above treeline. Quite spectacular.
Commuting and Work (Varies) Easy Wherever you are! (Varies) Take your lunch break outside at least once a week. No excuses.

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