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UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This will be replaced with the updated version in the next few months.

Places I Have Hiked

These are places where I have hiked in the past, but have not visited in years or even decades. Some of them are places where I have done hiking-like activities, according to my definition of hiking. This might include conventional hiking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snorkeling, hunting, or even (shudder!) snowmobiling. Some of these are places I hope to visit again someday, but I don't have any particular plans for any of them right now. They're listed in reverse order of the last time I visited, and I'll probably be adding to the list as my feeble memory comes up with something I sort-of forgot. Click on the name for a more detailed description of the place. These descriptions are all from my memory. If they differ from descriptions in other sources, that might be because of some or all of my personal opinion, my faulty memory, or changes to the place since the last time I was there. (If there's no link, I haven't written a description yet.)

Each description has the same general structure. There's general information about where the place is, the kinds of terrain and ecosystems there, and how hard or easy the hiking is. Then there's a list of interesting plants and wildlife to be seen there. Finally, there is a collection of stories about the place, either from my own experience or from sources I've read or heard.

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