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Hiking Stories

Stories to tell while hiking and camping, and stories about hiking and camping.

This page lists the most popular stories on this Web site. That includes those that have been read most often, and those that are most higly rated by visitors. There is also a list of the author's own recommendations.

Many of these stories are also in the book, Noticing Nature, by Chuck Bonner. In paperback or Kindle Format for Amazon Kindle e-book reader.

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Recommended Stories

Newest Stories

Stories added in the last few weeks that haven't gotten much attention yet.

Most Frequently Read

These are the 25 most-read stories on this site. Some of these are the most popular, some have been read many times simply because they've been available for a long time. Number of times read as of 5/31/2009.

Most-Rated Stories

Stories that most often receive reader feedback. Note that these are not necessarily the highest rated stories, just those for which I have enough feedback to calculate an average. They are listed in alphabetical order by title. Don't agree with these ratings? Well, send in your feedback and change the average! * = "I'd rather be at the dentist." ***** = "This is the most wonderful story ever!"

My Personal Recommendations

Stories that are not as popular as I thought they should be. I'll provide a little reason why I think it ought to be more popular. Stories that are among my favories and which are also on the "Most Frequently Read" are not listed here, unless I think they ought to be even more popular. Stories that are more popular than I expected, ... Well, I won't mention that. (And always take the author's own recommendations with a grain of salt.)

Many of these stories are also included in the book, Noticing Nature, by Chuck Bonner. Also available in e-book format for Amazon Kindle.

Don't have a Kindle? Get one!

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