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The Stalkers in the Sky

Source: Personal experience

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Early one evening in late spring, as I was riding my motorcycle through Petersburg State Forest in Delaware, I became aware of an alien presence that was following my every move.

I was headed about southeast on Fire Tower Road. Just off to my left, in the sky above the east-southeastern horizon, was a loose group of moving lights. They were pale yellow-green, and fuzzy, as if they were out of focus. One was noticeably larger than the others, and the smaller ones were more-or-less arranged in an arc to the north of the large one.

They moved irregularly, bobbing up and down, weaving back and forth. Sometimes one or two of them dipped below the treeline, but they always returned, and they never strayed far from that point above the east-southeast.

And they moved as a unit. It didn't actually look like a single object, but they moved together. As the formation bobbed and weaved, each spot of light maintained the exact same position relative to the other lights.

I wanted to get a better look at this. I was approaching a point where the road curved gently to the left, so that when I came out of the curve, I should be heading straight toward these glowing things. Then I should be able to get a better look at them.

Just as I entered the curve, the lights suddenly dipped below the horizon and vanished.


Well, that was odd. I guessed I'd never know what those lights were, but I wasn't too concerned.

Then, as I came out of the curve, there they were again! Only now, they were just about east of me, still out of my forward line of sight, a little off to my left, in the exact same relative position as they had been before I turned.

These things were following me! They were observing my movements, and maneuvering so as to avoid being in my direct view.

Now I needed a better look!

I pulled off to the side of the road and got off the bike.


I scanned the entire horizon, the whole sky. Nothing.

They had seen me stop, and they took off so I couldn't get a good look at them.

This was very odd. But there was nothing I could do about it. They were gone. I took another look around the sky, but there was nothing to see.

Slowly, still looking around, I got back on the bike.

There they were again!

It suddenly occurred to me that I could only see these lights when I was looking through the windshield.

I looked at the windshield. The lights came sharply into focus. There, near the left-hand edge of the windshield, were the glowing, splattered remains of a firefly.

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